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Wednesday, May 22, 2013
By AnnMarie Mannino
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I can't believe we are leaving in just a few days. We've been planning this trip for more than a year. My husband Hugh has had this trip in his head for more than 2 years before he retired.  He has been retired since last May. We are going on a camper caravan with 15 other rigs...people that we don't even Alaska. We have been signed up now for quite a while with 1 certified guide, and 1 naturalist. And going with these guides allows you to go on roads that you would otherwize not be allowed to go on. The roads are rough, the roads are tough. That's what I've been told. This will be the first time for me...but, not for Hugh. He has worked in Alaska in late 1974, '75, and early '76. He used to grease, oil, lube  and fuel the heavy machines that built the pipeline. He got a call from a friend of his who was working on the pipeline at the time... and hated it. He told Hugh that if he could be out in 2 weeks time, that he could finish off his contract. What timing. Hugh had just gotten laid off from Chrylser... again. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he doesn't just wait for things to happen. He goes after opportunities that come up. So, off he went. As for me, I've never been to Alaska. But, I have been to Jasper and Banff in British Columbia, and I know what awaits me. I can hardly wait. We'll be traveling in a 350 Ford dulley truck, with an Artic Fox truck camper in its bed. It has a slide out, a toilet, shower, stove, fridge, freezer, sink, bed, dining table. Everything one needs. And then of course Hughie put in a flat screen TV (that makes 2 in there now), satlelite and a few other things. And because every blog is better to end with a is another art piece I've been working on.



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