First Stop...Cottage
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013
By AnnMarie Mannino
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Well, first things first. We have to stop by the cottage today to cut the lawn. It will sure need it, with the beggining of spring. It sure adds enjoyment to our trip to have it in our plans to stop by here, first. This past Feb., Hugh has had a friend of his, Kelly, who lives in Prudenville, stop by the cottage a time or two to help with the drywall in the basement. It has been Hughs plans to finish off the downstairs for his man-cave. He gets 1/2 the basement...and I get the other half. Mine half will allow me to have my "stuff" down there along with making a small art studio for me. Can't wait for that to get under our belts and just be done with it. One more thing off our list to things to accomplish. I sure love this place, and it has been a couple of months since I have been here last.And because blogs always are more fun to end with a photo or two, here is our basement as it is with mildew/mold resistant drywall...called green board.

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